Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stamp something - and draw something myselves..

I've made another confirmation card, this one is for a boy who love his computer and skating.
I found the sketch at  Stamp something
I found the green and black Prima paper at my local scrapstore Familieskatter, and I knew straight away that this was a computercard material. I needed an image of a computer, and as many times before, my craft friend Kari, came to my resque with the image from Kreative Hender at Ålgård.I used both sides of the patternpaper, and found some silver craft paper for the squares. Letters are from MM.
On the inside I have put the sentiment stamp from Kreative Hender at Ålgård, and this is not the first time and not the last time you will see this poem on a confirmation card from me. Maybe one day I schould translate it in english, cause I think it says everything a person need to know about life.
My biggest suprise on this card is my silouette drawing on the back. I didn't even know I could draw. I needed a skate silouette image, and looked for one at the internet, but didn't find anything I could use. I found a picture of a boy skating and traced some lines around the body, just to get the correct proportions. I then draw with thin black ink pen and filled in with thick ink pen. I then cut it all out with thin sissors and put it on the green paper. Think it looks good...but will I manage to do it twice...doubt so... :-)
Tomorrow the will be no post from me . I think....
At work we are 20 persons singing in our little choir. We are having fun, and a really good conductor, Katia from Ukraina.Tomorrow we are having our first consert outside the firm sercure walls and we are excited..Ok,  the consert are with 5 other choirs and we are only gonna sing 3 songs.. but we will enjoy it... I know...with shaky knees....


  1. Det var et stilig konf. kort!
    Tipper mottageren blir kjempeglad...

  2. Wow! Fabulous funky colours and amazing drawing!!!! This card truly rocks Linda! Good luck with your concert tomorrow, enjoy it if you can! Look forward to hearing all about it. My Father sings with a choir so I know all about pre-performance nerves! Jo x

  3. Jøss dette var utrolig stilig. Er ikke lett å lage guttekort.

  4. omg--LINDA!!! you *drew* that awesome skater??!?!!! wow♥WOW♥wow!!! i love this whole card, actually--those adrienne looman papers from prima are a BIG FAVE of mine--and SO perfect for this!!!

    you are definitely going to be the "COOL AUNTIE" when the young lad receives this awesome card!

    (ps: hope the concert went you guys were FAB; clearly you are talented across all disciplines!) ♥

  5. Hi! What a great card you have made. Funky colours. Thanks for joining the Stamp Something challenge this week.
    hugs, Tanja


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