Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is awesome

Project Life Norge har en utfordring for tiden hvor man skal bli inspirert av bildet de har der. Når jeg ser bildet tenker jeg sommerferie. Vi var ikke på strand på turen vår, men vi hadde både varme, sol og ikke minst mange dager med fri fra jobb og stress. Så dette er mitt bidrag til utfordringen.

I have so many picture from our 1 month trip to the USA, so PL/Pocket scrapbooking is the perfect way for me to scrapbook these. This is from day 3 when I met up with Miae. We had a fantastic day togehter and luckily I remembered to take some pictures. I was lucky enough to meet several of my scrapbooking friends from the internet on this trip, so there will be more images from these meetings later on. In the evening Hansi and I went to the grocery store and I found these cereal boxes and we had some Sushi.

I've also used a few of my new stamps bought at Viva Las VegasStamp on this page and yes I had pocket scrapbooking in my mind when I bought them. Some of the paper I've used is from Mixed Media Place and made by 7dots Studio.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

USA adventure 2014 - On our way

Før vi tok sommerferie i Poppybloggen hadde jeg denne lommeskrappe siden, men jeg har jammen glemt å vise den på min egen blogg, kan du tenke deg, det må være varmen. Jeg koste meg iallefall masse med siden og sjekker du Poppybloggen kan du se hvordan jeg gikk frem når jeg laget den.
Bedre sent enn aldri er det visst noe som heter.

Dette er fra første dagen vår i USA, SanFrancisco

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Free your mind

Hi there. Here in Sandnes, Norway we are having a heat wave. At this time of the year we get 24C if lucky, but the normal is around 15C-20C. These last days we are having over 30C and it is HOT. My studio is facing north so luckily it is very cool until the sun comes in through the windows, so I do get some creative stuff done during the first part of the day. 
This is my take on sketch #7  over at the Sodalicious blog Thank you for looking.

Freedom to choose

A new challenge is up at the Mixed Media Place blog. We are challenged to use Freedom by George Michael as our inspiration. This is my take of the challenge. Check the link for lots of great DT projects and inspiration and hope to see you playing with us this month.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Challenged by Miae

Hi there! A few weeks back, my very creative friend Miae invited me to a blog hop sort of thing. The key is to answer a few questions and then challenge some of the creative people I know. I've choosen 3 ladies I really admire and get lots of inspiration from. Miae's own post can be found here (link) and at the bottom of this post are three incredible creative geniuses that will answer the same questions next monday, the July 28th on their own blog.

1) What am I working on?
Right now I'm working on products to bring with my on a craft show in october. I'm also just finished a layout for the Sodalicious sketch challenge and are working on two DT projects for the MMP. I'm done with my august DT projects for GA.

Made for AnMA this spring

Made for MMP this spring

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Who knows. There are lots of people using bright colors, layers and structure. What I do know about myself and my work, is that I try to create things I like and not things I think other people will like, that way I usually creates stuff other people like to look at too. I need to be true to my inner self. I also do lots of different kind of projects and styles.

Made for MMP this spring

Made for GA last winter

3) Why do I write/create what I do?
I need to release all the creativity that I have inside and I am very keen to try out new materials and techniques. This is also the reason to why I create so many different things and not only stay with one type of projects. I need to do it all and there are always new things to try out, pure. So many of my projects are driven by my curiosity when I create.
when I don't create, I think about things I want to create. I get lots of positive energy from creating and be creative inspired.

Pure fun way back

Made for PaperHaus Magazine last year

4) How does your writing/creating process work?
It all depends on what I create. If I create an AJ or a layout I usually just jump in to business and create as I go along. When I do PL/pocket scrapbooking or cards I more often tend to have plan ahead before I start on the project.

Made for Poppydesign last fall.

Card made for a customer 

Now I want to introduce you to 3 ladies I really admire and get lots of inspiration from, because of their style and way of thinking. For me their style is very individual and personal. They are now challenged to answer the questions and challenge others on monday 28th.

Hi! My name is Magda Bolinska also known as mumkaa. I`m a 28 year old Polish girl, full time mum, scrapbooker, blogger, teacher, mixed media artist and immigrant. For the last 8 years I have lived in the UK – with my [almost] hubby and with my two little daughters – Olivia [7] and Hannah [2]. My world revolves around my children and our home. And as a mum of 2 I have lots of things to do all day long :) But I love it :) When my girls are asleep I have a few night hours only for myself - then I read or create :) 
I discovered scrapbooking in 2008 and now it`s very important part of my life. In my work I like using different kinds of mediums - like watercolors, acrylic paints, inks and so on. My work without paint? Definitely NO ! ;) I love using scraps of papers and stamps [yes, stamps are my big love !]. How could I decribe my works? Freestyle, controlled mess, colors. I hope that people see a good energy in my work.


My name is Sandi, and I reside at I love life, adventure, family fun and anything that I can take and turn into art. I am the happiest when I'm able to express my creative style, which ranges from simple to complex, silly to something with a vintage flair, tads of this and that with the love of color, up-cycling and sometimes just plain old messy! Yup, that's me in a nut shell and I invite you to join me on my adventures....take "your step", get creative and whip up something that YOU love.....most of all, remember to have fun along the way and just go with whatever your creative thoughts are telling you to create!

Seemingly calm and quiet, I pour onto the paper internal unrest and creative storms.
I'm an educated wood-carver and architect. However, chisel and mallet were quickly abandoned and replaced by batik, glass and pottery painting, clay, jewelery making and finally paper craft, especially: LOs, collages, assamblages and sometimes cards.
My adventure with scrapbooking began in 2006 when I saw an online forum dedicated to digital scrapbooking techniques. I was absolutely overwhelmed with new possibilities of creation and in a very short time I began to design simple digi kits and components.
The next step was entering the world of traditional scrapbooking. A piece of paper is a place to combat penchant for accuracy, precision and stright lines learned at college to give place to emotions. I tear, clutter, stain, splash – everything to move far away from boring prettiness and corectness
So far, I designed two collections of papers for scrapbooking for The ScrapCake and one for 7 Dots Studio.
I live in Warsaw (the capitol of Poland) with my two children and my girlfriend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bedtime stories - AJ Sodalicious

Here is my take on Sodalicious Art Journal challenge 54: Bedtime stories.
The first thing that hit my mind when reading the prompt was that I wanted to draw a person sleeping in bed. And when I'd done that, and painted the rest of the page with yummy Ecolines, the text came to me when looking at the Sodalicious pattern paper Cook Eat Wash Repeat. 

Here is the face drawn and I found some dried babywipes I'd used on an earlier project, thought it look like a perfect sleeping pillow.

Detail from the finished page.

Thank you for looking.

Liberating Lettering

This is my project for my june project at the Mixed Media Place. Please check the link to find out how I made the page and what I've used. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Color Fusion

Jeg har kost meg i stuido i helgen og resultatet ble denne mixed media layouten og en kjapp inspirasjonsvideo. Det er ingen lyd, så sett på favoritt sangen din og kos deg. Videoen er på ca 4,5 minutt.

I had som much great fun in the studio this weekend. Had to try out some of my new paint and stamps bought in the USA. The result is a mixed media layout and a quick inspiration video. Put on your favorite song and watch the 4,5 minute video. Hope you enjoy.

Video ca 4,5 minutes

Thursday, July 10, 2014

USA post 2 - Alcatraz Island

Finally, here comes blogpost 2 from our 4 week long USA trip.
This post is entirely from our trip to Alcatraz Island. We took a guided tour and it made a deep impact to both of us. These pictures is just i tiny bit of all the photos taken, but it shows some of the things I noticed with my 'creative' eye.

Bye and thanks for looking

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chunky ATC Swap

Today I want to share a fun project. I'm attending a chunky ATC swap with VivaLasVegaStamp. A chunky ATC have the size 2,5" x 3,5" x 1,5". I had to plan for this to go in the post to USA, so it couldn't be to heavy. Here is my solution, layers with cardboard glued together.

My husband used one of his electronic saw to cut them to the correct size.

As you can see I've made three, so I can send two for the swap and keep one myself. I painted them all with black acrylic paint. For the image I've used a steampunk stamp from VivaLasVegaStamp (One of my great finds when visiting Las Vegas) I stamped them on watercolor paper that was painted with yellow Ecoline from MMP . The black pattern below the stamp is strings with acrylic paint. One of the great techniques I've learned from Nathalie when taking her Acrylics Demystified class i NY recently.

I've added some gold leaf to the edges. 

Here you see all three of them out in the garden.
Thank you for looking 

Crew Member Wednesday - Treasure box

Hi, this is my November project for Crew Member Wednesday