Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mixedmediaparty #creativefriendsarethebest

I met so many sweet people during The Mixedmediaparty. Here is only a few of them, thank you all for making the weekend special.
Terhi, Olga, Elina and I are being silly.

Sweet Virag from Hungary
Still being silly

My dear friend and room mate Elina from Finland
Sweet and very stylish Agnieska drove us from the airport and I also spent some hours with her inr wroclaw after the event. We even visited the library in Wroclaw where they had a book sale.

Beautiful and talented teacher Anna, hopefully she will one day visit me in Norway and we will go for walks in the mountains.

On our way to Wroclaw and yes we are being silly again, this time Marta was joining us.

Unfortunately I do not have any picture of the beautiful and very kind owner of 13 @rts Aida, but this big bowl of fruit and ice cream represent the generosity and kindness she showed through and after the whole event. Thank you Aida and your team for a fantastic weekend. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

mixedmediaparty - the projects

In May I attended The mixedmedia party in Wroclaw. A fantastic inspiring weekend with sweet, inspiring and very kind people around the craft tables. This blogpost is about the projects made during the 4 classes we had.
Canvas class with Terhi Koskinen

Art Journal cover class with Aida

Double Art Journal page class with Anna Rogalska

Doll on a canvas with Olga Heldwein


Crew Member Wednesday - Treasure box

Hi, this is my November project for Crew Member Wednesday