Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thrift Shop

I have a layout to show you with a short tutorial on how I made it. Thank you for looking.

Here are some of the product I gathered together to create the page: masks, gesso,  Coloration spray ink, Sorbet, Velvet and Dimentional Crystal in colors coordinating the shoes in the picture. Some of the products I used and some I didn't and that is how I work. I also used products not shown on the picture below.

First I made some texture with Velvet - dimentional paint - Aloha combined with a stencil. I used a spartel to spread the paint evenly on the background. Make sure to clean the stensil straight after use.

I added strips of sticky canvas on top of the paint when dry. To create some extra interest to the page I sew on some strip of patternpaper on the edges of the page. This is now a 8,5”x11” page.

On top of the canvas strips and paint I added another layer with texture, using a homemade stencil and Sorbet glossy medium - Frost

I painted the canvas strips with some clear gesso and then added a thin layer with Colorations spray - Walmea Bay using my finger as a paintbrush. Finally adding some Maya Road butterflies, some red gems to match the red flowers in the pattern paper and Thickers.

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