Sunday, July 29, 2018

Gelli Arts® Gel Printed acrylic shapes

Today I want to share a short inspiration video with you. I got some acrylic shapes the other day from a friend who thought I could do something fun with them and for me any white or clean surface could do with some color, print and patterns! 

First I prepared all the acrylic shapes with clear gesso and let it dry. That way the paint will not peel off that easy. I’m using the 4” 4” round Gelli® Printing Plate for this project, but you could use any size and shapes Gelli® Printing Plate. To add color I’m using GelliArts® Premium Acrylic Paint in various colors + Gold acrylic paint and for patterns in the print I’m using Gelli Arts® mini printing tool and punchinella. When I was happy with the backgrounds on the acrylic shapes I stamped various designs on them with black ink and red paint. All the stamps are designed by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle Studio. Finally added the metal and magnet and this is how it turned out.

Materials used in this video 
       4” round Gelli® Printing Plate
       Gelli Arts® Premium Acrylic Paint, various colors
       Gelli Arts® mini printing tool
       Stamps designed by Birgit Koopsen for Carabelle Studio

       Clear gesso
       Black ink
       Gold Paint
       Metal to attach to the acrylic:fishhook earing, keyring, magnet, brooch back pin



  1. These are great, Linda. Have you ever tried making enameled jewelry? It's such fun and with your creative ability I think you'd love it Jo x

    1. Thank you Jo, no I have never tried enameled jewelry, will look it up <3


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