Saturday, April 4, 2015

Friends and art journaling

Lauren and I on the train

Hello and happy easter to all of my readers. I've been away for 10 days, visiting my dear friend Lauren. We've been visiting each others blog, sending letters for xmas and birthdays since my start of blogging in 2009. In 2014 we finally met in RL when we celebrated our 50th's birthday together in NYC along with our spouses. We had so much fun and our chemistry where fantastic, so when I had the opportunity to visit Lauren in NJ this march I was so happy. We had days filled with creativity and inspiration. Lauren and Jeff where fantastic hostes and I hope one day Hansi and I can return the hospitality here in Norway.
During my stay I created a lot of ArtJournaling pages, experimenting on different techniques and will in the following days show you some of the pages I made.

This was my first page, inspiration from all the vintages bookpages found in Lauren's massive collections of vintage paper.

For this page I found inspiration from a wallpaper Lauren had in a wallpaperbook.

Some cool masks bought at Michaels had to be tried out.

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  1. best STAYCATION ever!!! so when are you coming back, missus??!?! i'm thinking art camp needs to be an annual type of event! :)


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