Saturday, August 2, 2014

USA - part 3 - meetings

I guess I can't keep posting pictures from all the days we spent in the USA, but I will do one importan post and that is about all the great meetings. I have already posted about my day with Mia, but I was so lucky I got to meet up with creative people in other cities as well.

In Las Vegas I had planned to visit Viva Las Vegastamps and meet up with DeeDee, and so I did. A fantastic shop with thousands of stamps. And DeeDee was a sweet lady showing me around and made sure I got all the stamps I bought sent to Norway.

When I arrived to NewYork I was having a blast with these two girls a whole day. Lauren and Sandi was just like I thought they would be, sweet, funny and a big inspiration.  I wish we had more time, but we did the most out of the day as we could, and thanks to Lauren who knew NY very well, I got to thrift shop in places I would not have found on my own. Thank you ladies for a fantastic day and yes I want to do it again. Here we are at The InkPad

Later the same week Lauren and her husband met up with me and Hansi to celebrate our big birthdays and on the sunday Lauren and I attended Nath's  class Acrylics Demystified workshop. What a great day we had and I was so happy to meet Nat again.

Lauren in action at Nat's Class

Lauren in action with her camera

The last day together we spent in Chinatown eating Dumplings out of this world.

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  1. Så gøy å lese og se! Må jo ha vært utrolig morsomt å møte mennesker du har blitt kjent med på nett i New York!


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