Sunday, July 5, 2015

My creative backpacker trip to Denmark

Two weeks ago I attended a weekend class with Bettina Holst i Denmark. I took the class cause I obvious love her style and also to make the transition from small canvases and Art Journal book to big canvases easier in some way. On the Friday I arrived early in Copenhagen and spent the day with my niece Miranda. She's just finished her Master of Arts in Design at KADK so you can only imagine how proud I am. This is some of her work that will be shown at the graduation exhibition that will be open until August 16. The adresse is Danneskiold-Samsøes Alle 51, 1436 København 

Here we are having fun in one of Copenhagen's many fashion shops

Copenhagen is full of inspiration

This is how I was travelling, backpacker and with public transport. Here I am on the train, on my way to Haslev and Bettina Holst

Some pictures from the paint class

I managed to finished 1 small picture at the class, the other 4 that is slightly bigger, need a lot more work done to it.

Some inspiration picture from the studio and check out the fantastic wall in the bedroom where I was sleeping. Handmade by Bettina.

Thank you Bettina and all the girls who was attending the class, I had great fun and got a lot of inspiration with me back to Norway.

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